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Work car v’s Courtesy car

Q) what’s the difference besides the obvious in these 2 cars ?

A) 1st car, my work car marked up to be clearly seen on the road, however in this car we get, aggressive drivers, constant harassment, under taking, no patience given, no time or space.

2nd car, currently a courtesy car used by me after being rear ended in April, no aggression, no harassment, no under taking, loads of patience, lots of space & time.

Anyone got an answer 🤷‍♂️, I certainly don’t, what exactly do other drivers see when they look at either of the cars ? Please be respectful of all learner drivers, no matter what vehicle they are in, we’re trying to teach them not only how to handle the car, but the rules of the road, how to do things with skill - respect for others & safety.

Thank you Phillip.


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