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New pedestrian rules in HWC, are confusing a lot of people, here’s our guide of the best way to deal

Picture 1 - approaching a t junction, as most times we stop, so it’s nothing to us to stop short and let folk cross.

Picture 2 - proceed with caution, only stopping if folk step out, it’s too dangerous when entering a junction to just stop to allow folk across as following traffic will not expect you stopping.

Picture 3 - even pedestrians have to obey the HWC, at a “pedestrian refuge” A - it is meant to be a safe place to wait for a clear road so you can cross, ergo we don’t stop for folk waiting in the middle, at lights B - we have a green light, so pedestrians must have a red, so we don’t stop then either.

All in all the responsibility of pedestrians on the road has been transferred to the car driver, who actually thought of that is mentally ill, we all should be responsible for our own safety, but now some “clever” people expect us to stop under any circumstances & they are now causing issues with just pleasing themselves (see my video from yesterday), of course despite any guidance or rules - if a person steps onto the road - stop.


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