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Jodie Parriss 4th July 2022

Mark is an incredible instructor and can’t be praised enough!

He has a calm yet authoritative nature and was able to guide Lydia (my daughter) through her test with ease. She was understandably nervous but Mark was able to get the very best out of her at all times. Despite a slight admin hiccup on the day of her test (all self inflicted!) Mark still managed to keep her grounded and ready to pass. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this driving school.

I’d give 10 stars if I could!

Cameron Weatherburn 22nd July 2021

Phillip is a patient, attentive, friendly, and highly thorough instructor with obvious years of experience behind him. His lessons are superb experiences where you are always learning, and are fantastic in helping you really get to grips with what it means to be a great driver.

I went into Drive Right as a somewhat nervous and highly inconsistent pupil, with it having been over a year since I had last been behind the wheel; after roughly 3 months of weekly lessons, I was able to pass my practical test at the peak of a heat wave with only 3 minor faults. I wholeheartedly recommend Drive Right to any student looking to pass their car driving test.

Chelcie Brightman 26th December 2020

If you’re looking for a driving instructor, Phillip at Drive Right is your man. He is born to teach he has pockets of knowledge on what to do and how to do it. I’ve never learnt so much in such a short space of time, I suffered from anxiety and Phillip went above and beyond to find techniques to suit my needs and help me over come challenges with driving. He’ll make you feel right at ease and pushes you to never give up! I am forever grateful that I was lucky enough to have him as my instructor, he does have a waiting list, and it shows why! I’d recommend 1000%. Choosing a good instructor is one of the biggest parts to learning, so don’t make the mistake of not choosing Drive Right!

Maddy Haslem 15th December 2020

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Mark from Drive Right - Driving School for getting me ready to pass my driving test. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, something I didn’t think I would ever do when starting with another company, and felt that I progressed so much which is all thanks to his help and dedication. I would definitely recommend Drive Right for anyone wanting to learn to drive. Mark’s patience and professionalism is something I have not found before and I definitely don’t think I would have passed any time soon if it wasn’t for him. Thank you!!

Jade Hardman 21st February 2020

It's taken me 2 years and a lot of hard work and support from Mark to get me to this point and I could not recommend him enough. The jokes, the lessons and the dedication are definitely better than any other instructor I've heard of. He has an immense amount of patience and determination and I could not have done any of this without him.

Joe Maltby 10th February 2020

Huge thank you to Mark for giving me the knowledge on something that's going to be with me for the rest of my life! I couldn't recommend a better instructor personally. Patient but stern when you're doing something wrong. If anyone wants to learn to drive, you're looking in the right place. I passed with 3 minors!! Cheers mate.

Sharina Farley 5th February 2020

Cannot recommend Phillip enough. Great driving instructor. Couldn't of passed my test if it wasn't for him having the patience he had with me. I struggled to stay focused and a lot of the time got into a flap with myself, but he never gave up on me. Lot's of words of encouragement and a right kick up the backside and I passed. Thank you again Phillip, I really appreciate all the help and support you've given me. Through all of the lessons I gained a friend too.

Lina Niewinska 5th August 2019


I had so much fun going through the lessons, from trying to drive on the right like in Poland, to getting through on the roundabout and so much more little adventures on the road! He was helpful and really nice, but he also is able to work strictly and secure that PASS on your test 👏🏻 He doesn’t only teach you to pass, but he will actually teach you how to drive on a day to day basis, which is really important for everyone. I can’t thank you enough Mark and I hope that you aren’t going to get anymore stressful students like me 😂


Natalie Smith 1st March 2019

I can't thank Mark enough for his patience and giving me the confidence to not only learn to drive but to want to drive! I never wanted to try before because it scared me to death but from my first lesson Mark believed in me and showed me that I am capable. He kept lessons precise so I could learn each stage fully before throwing something else at me and made sure I learnt to the best of my ability. He laughed at my silly questions and kept me smiling when I got down. My fear of driving has now completely gone and I'm now a fully fledged driver. Thank you so much Mark for everything.

Dan Barlow 18th January 2019

Phillip is a brilliant teacher, thorough and concise, he always irons out the kinks. Having never driven before, Phillip made me feel comfortable. On my first lesson, when I wasn't sure that I would be able to do anything, I managed to drive home. The planning of the lessons is easy to follow and structured in a way where progression and difficulty climbs as you improve. You aren't forced into anything difficult early. That being said, if you're asked if you'd like to try a manoeuvre or technique SAY YES, follow the instruction properly and there's no issue.

Thanks for helping me pass Phillip :)

Emma Jane Mcleod 11th December 2018

Phil is an AMAZING instructor! He is a genuine and caring guy! a few weeks ago I had a set back and part way through my lesson I wanted to give up and never get behind the wheel again! We had a little chat, he helped me build my confidence SO MUCH! Yesterday ......... FOUR weeks after my little breakdown I passed 1st time! All thanks to Phillip and his amazing ways of teaching! would definitely 100% recommend to anyone! Thankyou Phil for giving me that independence and freedom! I will miss our banter! xx


Tasha Limbert, 5th December 2018

Mark is an absolutely fantastic instructor, made me feel calm, confident and at ease while driving with him. Doesn't just teach you how to pass but how to actually drive so once your on the road you have the tools you need to progress as a driver. 100% recommend. Never had as much fun with an instructor either, enjoying the drive puts you at ease and takes all the stress out of it! PASSED TODAY WITH ONLY 1 MINOR thank you so much Mark I've loved every minute of it. You believed in me from the start and told me I was ready for my theory and test and I’m so glad I listened if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have passed today 😄😄😄. Xxx

Paul Ashworth, 12th November 2018

Phil is the best at what he does. He is so understanding and motivational, he doesn't rush you or tell you you're ready for something when you're not and if you have a question even if it's silly he will go out of his way to tell you and show you.

I had no confidence in driving whatsoever until I met Phil. If you want an instructor that doesn't mess you about choose Drive Right.

Thanks Phil

Teresa Shaw, 27th Sept 2018

Phil is very patient, professional and a funny genuine guy. Looked forward to every lesson I had.
My oldest lad had his lessons with him, and when my youngest is old enough I wouldn't think of getting him his lessons anywhere else.
I would highly recommend Drive Right.
Thank you so much Phil 👊

Louis Turrell, 4th Sept 2018

After putting off my driving lessons for ages, I finally got round to it when my wife recommended me her instructor Phillip at Drive Right. I was initially nervous at the idea of driving but after my first lesson with Phillip - I have never looked back. I am now a safe and confident driver thanks to the excellent tuition and support from Phillip. I have already recommended Drive Right to family and would recommend this driving school to everyone. Phillip clearly cares about his students and their progress. I genuinely looked forward to my next lesson each week and the laughs I had with Phillip.

This is an instructor that doesn’t need to “Go the extra mile for students” because he already gives you the maximum amount of support

Thank you Phillip!

Jordan Lawrence, 18th Aug 2018

Would recommend Drive right to anybody, such a great driving school, Phillip has lots of patience and let’s you go at your own pace, a very good teacher! Anything you need or unsure about you can ask and they’ll help you out with whatever you need. Not a bad thing to say about the learning to drive experience. 10/10 in every aspect

Spencer Powney, 6th Aug 2018

Passed 1st time, Mark's a top bloke, great teacher who made this whole process fun while learning , nice one Mark. I would recommend to anybody who's willing to learn , many, many thanks again Drive Right , you've just opened up so many new doors for me SP x

Ben Jordan, 31st July 2018

Where to even begin? When I had my first lesson I was very nervous, no confidence and pretty sure I would never pass! But with the fantastic help and instruction of Mark I passed first time! He puts you at ease from the word go and helps you with any problems you might have. Very informative, brilliant instructor and an all round great guy. 100% recommend Mark and Drive Right for anyone looking to start their driving lessons.

Lee Bramhall, 27th July 2018

Honestly can’t thank Mark enough for everything he’s done for me. Started learning to drive with him absolutely bricking it and ended up passing first time thanks to him. Wouldn’t change anything about the way he teaches pupils, his attitude reflects onto you whilst driving and makes it much more enjoyable and easy. He’s great to have a laugh with even on a Saturday morning and listens to you when you have an issue. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else, thanks a lot Mark.

Darryl Marks, 24th July 2018

Definitely recommend Mark at Drive Right. He was so understanding with me working full time, always kept a certain day for me when I was available. Really easy to talk to and a extremely good instructor. Thank you for everything Mark!

Leanne Stacey, 22nd June 2018

Definitely recommend. I was so nervous about my lessons & driving test & theory test. Phillip put my mind at ease helped me relax.. Also lent me a book & DVD they were a big help ..and When I felt like giving up he a had few words of encouragement. He believed in me even when I didn't!! I passed both tests first time with Phil. He's a great instructor & very professional but can also have a laugh with students!; definitely recommend him can't thank him enough for getting me through !! THANK YOU PHIL.

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