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How does passing your test change your life ?

In February this year a young lady passed her test with us, prior to this she used to take her kids to school via a taxi, £25 per week, spend her days at home, never going anywhere, 2 of her children have special needs and mum herself is on the low autistic threshold, because of fear from a previous relationship (abuse) she was thinking of relocating, her mum lives in Morecambe & she rarely saw her due to the distance, so support was a rare and valuable thing that wasn’t always accessible.

Now however, she has identified a better school for her kids & every morning makes the long trip to Morecambe from Blackpool, the kids now have a better chance in life, the school has already identified how they can help the children & she often spends the day over there seeing her mum, when she doesn’t she’s out & about loving the freedom, staying home is a thing of the past, visiting her sister in Carlisle - no problem, taking the kids out at weekends - no problem.

All in all the quality of life they all have has improved beyond all expectations, I take my hat off to this lady - I shan’t name her on here, but she knows who she is, taking control of her life this way has opened up new horizons for the whole family and a better out look for all is just unfolding in front of their eyes - this is why I’m in this job / profession, when I see stuff like this I know why I get up in the morning, despite all the pain we’re going through with covid etc, every last thing is worth it.



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