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Pupil review - phillip

Pupil Review ! Quite often we look for a satisfied pupil to do a review of their experience with Drive Right, today I’m going to write a review of a pupil, the reason for this is to show how we appreciate the efforts and hard work all our pupils put in, the pupil in question I shall name at the end, they were intense from the start, over reacting and driving too fast (other lessons taken before we were contacted), after the first lesson I explained what I wanted to see, how we would go about achieving this & roughly how long it would take, well the next lesson was better, they informed me they had been looking at videos on our website & you tube, theory was going well as I could see the amount of work that was being done, we went about going over - mini roundabouts, bispham roundabout, large roundabouts then all manoeuvres in a few lessons, each time they could see their improvement & delighted in the fact at their achievements, eager as ever theory was booked, sat nav was learned and of course country roads, technically this pupil was very good but still had an issue with large roundabouts, approach was still a little too fast, we had to change lesson time as this was always when Amounderness way was busy, this was a great call, going over them again, getting the timing right, I saw them visibly rise in confidence, coupled with the theory inevitably being passed, I had no issue with going to test, show me / tell me questions were learned by the next lesson, keen and eager tempered with a new found understanding of how to drive safely, as test day approached (only 3 lessons later) confidence never waned, a quick chat about how this could also destroy their dreams by being over confident settled them right into test day, wham straight through and passed, 1st go, never in doubt, calm and assured drive, comfortable in the knowledge they knew how to drive, I was very impressed with this person, not only did they want to succeed, they went about it in a particularly thorough way, covering all basis, listening, asking so many questions to get the best out of their lessons. Take a bow - Robyn Crossan 

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