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Taking your practical test

The examiner will call your name, check both parts of your licence, ask you to sign a declaration on the top of the marking sheet, then check your signature. Then he will ask if you wish to take your instructor with you (your choice), outside you will complete an eye test by reading a number plate, when you get back to the car he will ask you 2 questions about how the car operates (show and tell). He will then explain what you will do while out on the drive, "follow the road ahead unless road signs or markings tell you different, I will tell you in plenty of time if I want you to turn left or right, we will do 1 manoeuvre and we may or may not do an emergency stop." Any questions ? If not you may set off when your ready. While on the road he will mark any minor / serious / dangerous faults on the sheet, what you need to do now is FOCUS on your driving, ignore the marking sheet, you can't change his mind on faults, so many people fail when they loose focus, especially when near the end, this is soul destroying, so close yet so far. When back he will tell you when the test is over, count his markings, then give you the result. He is looking for a safe / controlled drive, you need to think of the test as an assessment of your ability to stay safe on the road, controlling the car under differing situations. Phillip 

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